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This experience totally changed my life. I wasn’t finding any meaning in my job and that all changed when I joined the Rebellion.

A person

a rebel

  • - One on One coaching with a certified Sales Rebel
  • - Design and refine your go to market strategy
  • - Ongoing accountability and support from sales experts
  • - Build a living pipeline and cadences that yield results for years to come
  • - Reignite your passion, build your personal brand, and lean into your authenticity
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  • + How long is the program?

    As long as you want your Rebellion to last. :) Program length can vary depending on individual student needs, but historically our most successful students commit to being coached through the full Rebellion curriculum. Jedi commitment like that is 6 months, which is still half the time it took for Luke to free Han Solo from his carbonite prison.

  • + What are the typical results?

    Those who follow the system faithfully outperform quota by at least 25%. Most do much better and results like 177% to plan, 3x of quota, going from 44th to 2nd overall in the company, and 282% to goal happen about as frequently as Chewbacca shouts something unintelligible to human comprehension.

  • + Who would be my coach?

    Students are placed with coaches based on several different factors. Some of these factors include personality, industry experience, total sales experience, etc (although you can request a specific coach). All of our coaches have been refined in the fire of Rebellion and each one has had success using the system in their own personal sales efforts. Think of them as your own personal Sales Yoda.

  • + What topics are covered during the program?

    Some things you expect (prospecting, pipeline management, mindset, social selling) and some you might not (empathy, giving experiences, gifting, how to find and close whales…) For a detailed description of the curriculum visit -

  • + Who is the program for?

    The 1:1 program is for new OR seasoned sales reps who need to reach BIG goals, and are looking to enjoy their sales efforts while they reach them. Typically, they are full-cycle AE’s (SMB to Enterprise) who loathe manipulative sales tactics, mass automation, and surface-level-only relationships - like the one between Vader and the Emperor.

  • + How much does the program cost?

    Total cost varies depending on engagement length and frequency of coaching - 1:1 coaching is between $1,200-$2,500 monthly. Hard-working rebels have no problem earning a return on investment of at least 4x what they put in.

  • + Do you have free learning resources?

    YES! The Sales Rebel Slack group is full of advice, tools, and ideas for rebels worldwide to overthrow the Evil Empire of old-school sales tactics and maneuvers. See the Resources page to join us.