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It once was a spark. Now, it’s a Rebellion. Rise up against the status quo of the sales world… Join The Sales Rebellion.

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Monthly Challenges

Monthly Challenges

Elevate your sales existence with a call to action every month that will help push you to the limits of your success. Time to change your game!


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You have heard of The Copier Warrior’s ToolBox. Now gain access to interrupt marketing pieces like The Crumpled Letter and The (Insert product you sell) Survival Kit.

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Join Dale Dupree and Jeffery Villegas as they discuss ideas, tell sales stories, and share their vision for The Sales Rebellion with you!

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What is The Sales Rebellion

We exist to #ChangeTheGame in the ever-so-boring sales bullpen. We teach you to cause undeniable curiosity, wander your territory, breathe life into your pipeline, and take your prospects on an adventure.

Whether you are an army of one, or a team of 10,000, The Sales Rebellion has something for you! We bring 1x1 Coaching, Team Bootcamps, Public Speaking Engagements, and Sales Curriculum to the next level. You can also join our monthly membership program and sharpen your sales game at your own pace!

Principles of a Rebel Warrior

Serve Others

Cause Impact

No Robots

Tell Stories

Create Wonder

Be Vulnerable

The Rebellion is here to stand alongside you arms locked. Are you ready to write the next chapter of your sales legend… JOIN NOW!

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