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Roots are the “why” of our sales journey. This is the most important part of any salesperson's career. This section dives into what makes people go to work. This section seeks to cultivate a strong understanding of how little things have big impacts on our outcomes.

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REASON is a new outlook on life. This approach is an in-depth look at cold calling in the 21st century. We breakdown the social interaction of a first touch while developing a keen understanding of the assumptions and communication patterns that accompany sales experiences.

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Living Pipeline

The Living Pipeline is a new way to organize your prospect list. This section develops a strategic approach to how a salesperson communicates with prospects that are not in the 30-day funnel. No matter what your sales cycle length, this approach is sure to be a relationship development tool that you don't want to miss.

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This section is about going deeper than the surface level operations of a salesperson’s territory. We address the common approaches to building credibility and teach you to become a Sales Wanderer.

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Chest O' Wonders

This is where the rubber meets the road. Here, the synthesis of sales and marketing is created and the line between the two is destroyed. There is no room for a lag between the marketing department and the sales division.

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The Social Game

This section is all about utilizing social media. We discuss the various platforms and how to create a strategic approach to building business via social media. We cover various demographics of each platform, as well as providing an understanding of the separate metrics and how to judge ROI in a digital space.

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To Be Continued...

More courses to up your sales game coming soon.

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